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Random doodles…

Enjoy! Advertisements

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Inking experiment…

I’ve been trying to see if I should focus on traditional inking (with a pen/brush), or digital inking (using a computer pad and pen). I tried doing both on the same pencils, and timed myself. I tried to give each … Continue reading

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Captain Marvel Tribute: Inks finished…

Whatta y’all think? Colors will be next!

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Captain Marvel Tribute: Inks Part 1…

I’m wondering if the inks are too thin for his head? I had a lot of coffee when I inked this, and I hope it had no adverse affects on art 🙂

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Captain Marvel Tribute: Pencils…

With the news of Captain Marv… I mean Shazam, I’ve decided to do a tribute piece. I really want to take my time with this one and enjoy the process, so I’ll be posting the art step by step. Hope … Continue reading

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Norman Oklahoma in Peril!

The Steeven’s Sketches week rolls on. Today Harold was inspired by a story I’m writting starring Norman Oklahoma. The story is called Norman Oklahoma and the Girl Who Cried Vampire, and you can find the first draft version of what’s … Continue reading

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