Inking experiment…

I’ve been trying to see if I should focus on traditional inking (with a pen/brush), or digital inking (using a computer pad and pen).

I tried doing both on the same pencils, and timed myself. I tried to give each method just as much love.

Really not TOO much of a time difference. Are the digital inks good enough to justify the extra 3 minutes they take?


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3 Responses to Inking experiment…

  1. ok, after spending a lot of time looking over these sketches (2min 31 sec he he) I like the digital better… and I CAN NOT BELIEVE I am saying that but with your style, it works. The traditional looks a little messy around the outlines and the digital doesn’t. The only other comment is the blacks quality, the traditional seems darker, but that’s probably something you can fix in photoshop so no biggie. Keep it coming buddy!

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