About Harold

Here’s my bio, which is writtern by my good friend Steeven Orr (just so you don’t think I’m full of myself)

HAROLD C. JENNETT III is known for many things. His love affair with batter-fried pickles, his rescue of seventeen gilded acorns from almost certain death, and the way he wears his boots when he goes swimming. But what most don’t know is that this kid can draw. His mother will tell you that Harold’s first drawing was not that of a childish stick figure, but of an actual, solid person, and many believe this to be true. A devoted husband, a loving father, Harold also does work for charity. Most of his commission work goes towards charity and Harold is currently creating the Creative Compassion: Shelter anthology to raise money for the homeless. Harold started his first comic works in 2006 when he created MIMES with Wayne Cordova. Harold moved into the world of web comics with the Geek Syndicate Web Comic. But in his most intelligent move to date, Harold has currently begun work on an upcoming as-yet-to-be-announced graphic novel with Steeven Orr where the sensational writing will only be eclipsed by Harold’s amazing art. All in all Harold C. Jennett III is a pretty swell guy whose artistic chops need to be run up the flagpole and saluted. You can follow Harold on Facebook, so go do that.


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