4-01-13 Last Super Show sketch!!

This is my final sketch before the Super Show this weekend. This one is for me good friend Bill English, who requests a different super villain throwing cats every year 🙂


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3-29-13 Super Show sketch…

This sketch is for the Super Show raffle winner who won a sketch by me:


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Super Show mini sketches…

Here are a couple of 4.5 X 6 mini sketches I did. Absorbing Man and Peeta (from Hunger Games).

Absorbing Man and Peeta

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Next Super Show sketch has me all giddy…

I do believe this is my favorite sketch ever. I’m VERY proud of it 🙂


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Next Super Show sketch…

This one is Batman and Alfred E. Newman (as Robin).

Batman and Alfred

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Batman Beyond sketch…

This one was a toughie. I always struggle with characters that have heavy blacks 😦

Batman Beyond

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Cable sketch…

This is my new sketch for the 2013 Super Show. I’ve never done a sketch of Cable before. I’m really happy with how it turned out 🙂


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Ned Flanders/Captain Marvel…

Finally have a new post for everyone! My first sketch for Supershow. This was fun 🙂

Ned Flanders Captain Marvel

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New creative charity project idea. Looking for feedback…

Hey all!

I’ve been thinking about my next creative project to help those in need, and I think I have an idea, but I need your feedback!

I was thinking of simply doing commissions and donating the proceeds to charity, but I wanted to something a little more creative. Lemme know what you think of this:

I start a comic. About 4 pages in, I post the pages on facebook, and the readers get to decide what happens next. Here’s the catch: It will be a “blind auction” sort of thing. I will have a Paypal donation button, and the highest donation wins, and gets to decide the next 4 pages or so. The donation can be as small as a penny. They are not going to write a script. It must be described in 1-2 sentences. It must be nothing controversial, politically or religiously. Something strictly fun and all-ages. I have the right to reject the idea by the highest bidder and return the money. I keep the rights to the story. All future publications will go towards charity, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

I would get the ball rolling with the first 4 pages. I was thinking of making it an early day in my childhood, going to school and getting teased. At one point, someone gets to make a key decision in my life. I’m toying with the idea of calling the comic “Change My Life”. It might be a good title, as it also eludes to changing other’s lives through the charity.

Each chapter is about 4-5 pages, and each book will be 20 or so pages. I’m still not sure what I’ll do with each issue. I know I’ll want to focus on digital comics, but maybe I’ll also offer them printed. Not sure if I want to try and go kickstarter, or go simple first.

Here are some questions for everyone:

Any other ideas for a title?
Should I not make the beginning such a downer? Maybe make it something more innocent and fun?
Should it be a specific charity? Should I have a list of 4-5 charities they can choose from?
Any idea what some of the best charities are out there, that get the most money to those who need it?
Any idea how to implement the donations through Paypal where I can see who donates how much, but it still goes right to the charity?
Should I start the first 4 pages now, or see if I get donations to come up with the first 4 pages?

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First piece of art done on my iPad…

I did this homage to Adam Hughe’s cover to Justice League #39, using an app called “Procreate”.


And here’s the original:

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